Installation Options

There are several different install options. Different strokes for different folks! The good news is we are here to help you figure out which is the best option for your space.

Surface Install

A surface install is where the wires and electrical elements are visible.


Concealed Install

Glass neon is the true “OG” approach to glow. Our hand-bent glass tubes trap colorful gas to create a perfect, pure glow.


  • Least amount of wires on wall, making it visually very clean.
  • Transformers are hidden.
  • Gives a high-end residential or commercial look.
  • Can hook up to a wall switch or wall dimmer for user friendly control.

  • More involved than other install options. The wall must be opened to complete.
  • Difficult to move later on.
  • Requires Electrician / Contractors.
  • Process is most expensive.
  • May result in humming transformer.


Passthrough Install

A Pass Through install is similar in look to a concealed install, but the power supply is placed on the other side of the wall that the neon is going on, instead of inside the wall.


  • If you have access to the other side of the wall the neon is going on, this could be an easier solution than concealing.
  • Least amount of wires on wall, making it visually very clean.
  • No electrician work is required if the outlet is accessible on the wall.

  • Only applicable in certain scenarios depending on clients space.
  • Requires professional install.
  • Needs space for transformer to live on the other side of the wall, and easy access to it.
  • Visible transformer on the back of wall.
  • Visible wires on the back of the wall.


Backing Install

This is when the glass neon tubes sit on top of a display of some sort.


  • Easiest option for self install.
  • Makes the neon more portable.
  • If the backing is opaque, it allows the wires and transformer to look hidden.
  • Ideal for gifts, where you don't know where the recipient plans to put the neon.
  • Ideal for storefronts / suspension.
  • Easy to add a dimmer.

  • Only applicable in certain scenarios depending on clients space.
  • Neon itself can't be very large (no larger than 60 inches).
  • Even if the backing is opaque you still will see a power cord that goes into the outlet.
  • To hide the power cord you need a recessed outlet or electrical work done.


Hanging Install

A Hanging Installation is if you want your neon hanging or suspended from the ceiling.


  • Unique site-specific installation.
  • Centerpiece for a space.

  • Complex and longer installation process.


Desktop Install

A Desktop Installation is when you want your neon to be freestanding.


  • Free to sit on a desk / table etc.
  • Best for a portable neon solution like an event display table.
  • No wall drilling required.

  • May be more fragile due to its portable nature.