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A Residential Centerpiece

We worked closely with one of our favorite interior designers in her personal home, designing and fabricating a full wowza moment in the curated Casa Alpaca home. Featuring a custom hand drawn and hand bent portrait nestled in the sitting alcove of a den. A combination of art, whimsy, and electricity.

When Barette of Widell + Boschetti reached out about designing something show stopping for her new home we knew we had to rise to the occasion. We’ve worked with Barette and her team numerous times on her clients projects but this was an exciting moment to create something special for her specifically. She knew she wanted something unique, something feminine, and something large scale. From there we began conceptually daydreaming about an oversized portrait. After a few rounds of back and forth we landed on this and began fabrication on the 80” design.

We know Barette has enjoyed many a moment under this rosy neon. We love thinking outside the box and we love clients who are ready to go there with us!


photo: Brian Wetzel

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