We are an artist-led neon design studio offering custom neon, luminescent art objects, creative services and home goods, brought to you with warmth and love.

GLO is the vision of founder and artist Lena Imamura, whose exuberant and inviting artistic voice defines our approach to art, design, and home goods.

Raised at raves in New York City, Lena has been playing with light her entire life, making kinetic scultpures and wiring light bulbs since she was a kid —a practice she honed at Cooper Union in her adulting years.

She makes work that truly can’t be put in a box. Unless you buy it. :)

We lovingly design and fabricate our glass neon works by hand in our Lower East Side studio and shop.

We also do so much more than neon.


Our mission is to – Light Up people's lives by redefining the boundaries of art and design, merging sculpture and light to create experiences that are on another wavelength.

Our home in NYC’s Lower East Side is a place for our team and community to come together and make big ideas GLO. Come visit us!

Come see us!


How we got G/L/O-ing :)

Long before we opened our Lower East Side studio and storefront, an artist named Lena created a custom neon piece as a centerpiece for her dear friend Sas’s baby shower. The bright idea of combining words with light was born as “Name Glo.”

Since then, Lena and Sas have built GLO Studio into a full-service design studio and workshop collaborating with blue-chip artists, institutions, brands, agencies, and event planners to light up the world.

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