Bergdorf Goodman Artist in Residence - GLO Studio

Bergdorf Goodman Artist in Residence

We transformed the 7th floor of the iconic New York City department store into an immersive shopping experience of neon and candy art, along side our collaborator, by robynblair. Among the five part installation, we created an entire galaxy (filled with planets and cosmic neon stardust), a wild rainbow hallway, a fluffy cloud room, an ice cream truck, and a pair of giant sunglasses.

Transforming Bergdorfs Goodmans 7th floor was nothing short of extraordinary, conceptually and literally. Brainstorming with Robyn, we knew this had to be an experience that took you out of this world. We knew we wanted to play with dimensionality, light, and nostalgia. We took every “big” idea we had and worked to make it a reality. 

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