Flagship Store Opening - GLO Studio

Flagship Store Opening

Nothing says zen and relaxation like Chillhouse, located in New York City. We helped founder Cyndi Ramirez breathe life into her flagship spa, located in the heart and soul of Soho neighborhood.

Funny enough, our relationship with Chillhouse actually started a while back. When we moved into our first offices we had very little space to take meetings, and we had a wonderful coffee shop/spa next door to us that we’d pop into on the regular. The spot was the original Chillhouse location. We noticed an old neon that needed new electrical parts and from there, it was history.

When Cyndi was ready to open her flagship space, we were honored to come on the ride with her. We support and value her mission to bring a new self care movement to anyone who needs a little me time.


photo: Dillon Burke

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