Neon Sculpture for Takashi Murakami - GLO Studio

Neon Sculpture for Takashi Murakami

We are continuously honored and amazed to work with one of our heroes, Takashi Murakami.  Murakami’s iconic and whimsical flowers have been at the centerpiece of his work for years, and it is nothing short of magical to be able to turn these works into large scale neons for around the globe.

We’ve done several Murakami editions for different shows and galleries across the globe. Each project comes with a unique set of challenges and obstacles which has consistently kept us on our toes. Whether it’s helping to conceptualize a flower that’s 100” W or figuring out how to get another safely to Korea, working with his studio has always been a pleasure and a thrill.

We stand by our belief that there are no rules about how to bring quality art into the world, a rule that Takashi helped inspire us to realize.


Photo by: Trecy Wendy Wuattier

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