Sun Bum Influencer Bonanza - GLO Studio

Sun Bum Influencer Bonanza

In a radiant collab with Sun Bum, we hosted an influencer event that showcased the brand's products in a whole new light… literally. With the help of our team we custom designed 16 neon lights for each individual influencer that perfectly complemented Sun Bum's vibrant and sun-kissed brand identity. 

We are always ready to dive head first into brands that want to think differently and offer an experience that is fully unique. Sun Bum and their marketing team knew that they wanted to be able to gift something that you couldn’t find just anywhere else. They fully embraced that we are not only a retail space but a full fabrications studio, and we were able to customize an experience for them using both of these elements. 


Influencers came to learn about the new Sun Bum offerings and in exchange were able to create their own piece of art and watch our team design and fabricate it.
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