The Interior Design GLO Up: Why Every Designer Should Consider Neon Signs

The Interior Design GLO Up: Why Every Designer Should Consider Neon Signs

Once upon a time, neon signs were largely relegated to big, flashy, and showy designs gracing movie theater marquees and diners. Today, they've risen as far more than a nostalgic nod to an early era and instead have become a vibrant and versatile element to both residential and commercial spaces. For interior design businesses, neon signage offers a distinctive approach to crafting memorable, dynamic environments that stand out in a crowded market. Neon is a vibrant medium coming art, light, and color that transforms any space into a unique atmosphere for modern interior design.

What can GLO Studio neon signs add to your commercial projects?

Let Your Creativity Shine

Do you have a vision for your commercial space? Are you designing a space that needs to be just as unique as the ones using it? Working with GLO Studio means working with real artists to realize your vision. We are a full-service design studio and workshop that collaborates with extraordinary artists and designers to meet your needs with custom shapes, colors, and branding. GLO Studio does more than offer standardized signs with customizable text. Neon signs are highly customizable, allowing designers to tailor shapes, sizes, colors, and messages to fit the specific needs and vision of any project. This level of personalization enables the creation of one-of-a-kind pieces that can serve as the centerpiece of a room or subtly complement the existing decor.

Crafting Mood with Ambient Light

Light is a crucial component in creating ambiance in a space. With neon lighting, designers can use color, shape, and placement to add a touch of warm nostalgia or cool contemporary minimalism. Neon signs work as an accent or conversational piece working in complement with the overall design of a room.

The aesthetic appeal of neon lies in its ability to blend the contemporary with the vintage, offering a spectrum of colors and shapes that can be customized to fit any design theme. Interior designers can harness this versatility to create focal points in a room, highlight architectural features, or add layers of visual interest to otherwise muted spaces. The soft, ambient glow of neon can warm up interiors, casting a welcoming atmosphere that is both modern and inviting. It's easy to create a bold statement or add a subtle glow, depending on the need.

Creating an Identity for Your Design

Adding neon signage to your space opens a world of subtle storytelling, especially in commercial avenues. You can add motivational quotes to a home office, bold mantras or slogans across the wall of a corporate headquarters, quirky images or logos across a retail space, or even the quiet glow of a business name in a small shop. Neon signs help shape a visual identity for the spaces we inhabit. They can communicate a company's personality, message, or even values with distinctive visual components.

Neon signs add an innovative and chic touch to interior design. The medium's versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of interior styles, from retro and industrial to modern and minimalist. Neon signs offer an innovative way to enhance spaces with light, color, and character. By embracing neon, designers can create environments that are not only visually striking but also emotionally engaging, offering clients a unique way to express their identity in a visually striking way. At GLO Studio, we excel at pushing beyond the boundaries of traditional aesthetics to blend artistry and functionality for our clients.

Working with GLO Studio is more than just a sign. It's adding a versatile addition to your designer toolkit that transforms your projects into an immersive experience your clients will love. Let us help you tell their story.

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