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Concealed Installation Electricians Package

Concealed Installation Electricians Package

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Elevate your space with our expertly crafted concealed neon sign installation service. Our comprehensive package includes all the essentials needed for a seamless and efficient setup, tailored to bring your vibrant visions to life.

This package includes:

Scaled Wiring Pattern: We provide a detailed, to-scale wiring pattern to guide precise drilling and installation, ensuring all components align perfectly. Essential for electricians, ensuring error-free installation.

High Voltage Wire: Up to 20ft of wire per package. Any additional wires must purchased separately. Wires are equipped with thick silicon insulation to protect the copper wire, providing durability and enhanced safety.

Magnetic Neon Transformer: The transformer must be purchased separately or has been included your neon purchase. This package covers the shipment of the transformer to your electrician. This self-enclosed transformer eliminates the need for an additional box and features knockouts for flexible conduit connection, ensuring a tidy and safe installation. 

Conduit Bushings: These porcelain threaded bushings guide the wire safely from the transformer out onto the wall surface, ensuring a clean aesthetic and secure setup.

Coordination and Consultation: We liaise with your electrician to streamline the installation process.

[If applicable] Dimmer: Perfectly compatible with magnetic neon transformers, this dimmer allows for adjustable lighting to match any mood or setting. 


What Your Electrician must provide:

Flexible Metal Conduit: Suitable for protecting the GTO wire as per state regulations and connecting to the bushings. 

Code-compliant Installation Requirements: Place the neon transformer in a well-ventilated area, possibly requiring an access panel for ease of maintenance, with dimensions of 11" W x 7.5" H x 5" D.  

[If applicable] Dimmer Installation: Wire and install the Lutron dimmer as per client specifications to complete the setup.

Important Notes:

*GLO Studio is not a licensed electrician. A licensed electrician must be responsible for meeting all local code-compliance for the wiring requirements of your concealed installation.  

Distance Considerations: The transformer should be no more than 15 feet from the neon sign to avoid power loss and ensure the sign illuminates correctly.

Pre-installation: Electrical setup must be completed and documented with photos prior to neon sign installation to ensure compliance with our guidelines. 

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